New generation of compact-size skis for all snow conditions now live on Indiegogo.






We tested the skis out at a national skiing seminar in Stubai, Austria. We consider the knowledge that we acquired to be key not only for teaching but also for sports education. The skis are very responsive in correcting your stance (proper forward lean). If the ski is loaded on the lamella end, the front of the ski does not lead into a curve, nor does it start to vibrate on the horizontal plane. In other words, the ski immediately checks the correct forward load, which is the basis for a perfect curve. For a beginner, these skis will help you achieve the right stance from the first curves (correct movement habits), which is important for making significant progress. For top-level riders who also sometimes have a problem with this active front-to-back posture, these skis can serve as a way to check for the correct exertion of your lower limbs for downhill disciplines.

STAKI skis are also special for their versatility. This versatility lies in the fact that these metrical skis can be used by both children and adults, which is made possible by the length-adjustable binding that takes just a minute of preparation for the next skier to use.


The spiritual father of STAKI skis is the athlete and P.E. teacher Dušan Peterka. Thanks to his inventiveness and perseverance, he managed to develop his original idea for more stable skis with a special heel and subsequently build the first prototype. Dušan’s efforts caught the attention of the ski producer Sporten, and the supplier of safety bindings Tyrolia – and they sure were excited about what they saw. In cooperation with them, he further improved the shape and design of the skis. Unfortunately, Dušan Petrka died in a tragic car accident in 2014. His ideas, however, live on as an endless source of inspiration for all members of the Staki team. Working with Dušan’s wife Eva, we developed a new and improved model of these safe and stable skis – Staki Controls.

Doctor of Pedagogy, Jaroslav ŽÍDEK, PhD.

FTVŠ UK, Department of Sports in Nature and Swimming, Nábr. arm. gen. L. Svobodu 9,

814 69 Bratislava



Ms. Eva, whose neurological illnesses cause extraordinary pain in her joints, can now enjoy a week of skiing in the Tatras on Štrbské Pleso thanks to these special skis. Ms. Eva has been suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) for nearly thirty years. It primarily affects the mobility in her right leg. Although her diagnosis is overwhelming, she has been trying to devote herself to sports in her spare time just like she used to a long time ago.


“It's an amazing thing. I can now do exactly what standard skis wouldn't allow me to do and performmaneuvers that would otherwise be too demanding. I feel safe on these skis and I am very happy that I am able to come close to how I used to ski before I was diagnosed with MS.” says Ms. Eva, whose ability to walk radically started to worsen about ten years ago. Due to these problems, she eventually had to put her dreams of cross-country skiing on hold, and downhill skiing was very difficult and tedious for her for quite a long time.


Dušan Peterka


Ms. Eva, neurological illness

Short and light

Staki skis are very space-saving

in terms of their size. The adult version lenght is only 38.6inch and weight just 9.3lbs including bindings. They are easy to carry, and you can store them wherever you need.

Stable smart-construction skis

Staki are innovative downhill skis suitable for both beginner skiers and adrenalin lovers alike.

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